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China Denture Material Natural White And Pre-shaded Zirconia Disc Dental Suppliers

“ZOTION”brand products divide into the colorless set (HT,ST,SST)and the colored set(HTC,STC)which were customized and implored for different usage and request of all ceramic restorations.”ZOTION”brand products have been used with the Zotion specialized 16 colors dyeing liquid and show outstanding results.The transmittance difference value of dyeing front and back is very tint .Dyed anatomic crowns have even color penetration and could be polished without discoloration.

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China denture material natural white and pre-shaded Zirconia disc dental suppliers


     “ZOTION”brand products have gotten the CE certificate and passed ISO 13485 criterion.We produce and strictly based on the standard production process to guarantee the stability.Zotion carries out interior quality measurement standard to test many key performance indicators,such as bending strength,fracture toughness,translucency and machinablity ,for making sure the quality of every single block.“ZOTION”brand products possess the outstanding bio-compatibility and aesthetic effects,meanwhile they have high density,intensity and excellent reliability,which are the trustworthy restoration materials for dental technician.


Products Brief Introduction:

1.Open system 98mm / Zirkonzahn M5 system/Amann Girrbach zirconia block.

2.white zirocnia block, preshaded zirconia block, multilayer zirconia block.

3.High strong, High translucent and Super translucent ect. 

4.Specially developed coloruring liquid enable easy, accurate staining in the 16 VITA classical tooth shades and provide the perfect foundation for subsequent customisation.

5.ZOTION zirconia block, which can be used for fully anatomical or anatomically reduced restorations, are impressive due to their light dynamics, depth effect and natural aesthetics.

6. pre-stained zotion zirconia  block, which can be directly sintered without staining, are available for extremely economic and efficient results.


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Our factory located in China Chongqing .Our Factory with complete R&D/Testing/Producing system.The aim is"The worlds only perfect Team,There is no perfect person" and "more hard more lucky "as our spirit support.With the advanced technology and market explored ability provide the various soluation to the world market.

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