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China Dental Denture Manufacturers Zirconia Disc

zirconia disc is the best dental material for denture at present. With 10 years experience in manufacturing dental zirconia disc, Zotion company has advantage production equipments and technology. Can supply stable high quality zirconia disc. Already exported more than 50 countries, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Italy, Egypt, Vietnam, India, Brazil, USA, Russia, Peru, South Africa and so on.

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China dental denture manufacturers zirconia disc


    Zotion dental zirconia disc include 3 systems for choice, can satisfy all your cad cam systems equipment

(1).Open system


(2).Zirkonzahn system


(3),Amann Girrbach system


   Based on flexural strength and translucency, Zotion white dental zirconia disc is separated into HT ST and SST, preshaded dental zirconia disc is separated into HTC STC and SSC. Details is as following chart:

1 (3) (1).jpg

1 (5) (1).jpg

3,Sintering chart

 Sintering chart is very important if you want to make beautiful denture. It’s better to keep accordance with our sintering chart to sinter.



 We have CE,ISO13485,CFDA certificates. It means our dental zirconia disc quality is under control by government, safety and healthy for use.



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