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Zirconia Blocks Dental With Fast Sinterning

Dyeing zirconia pieces, color accuracy for mechanic saving multifarious dyeing process, to avoid inaccurate chroma, uneven because of human factors. Only high strength and high penetration of zirconia products, coupled with the mechanic personalized dyeing processing, the effect more realistic and natural.

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Zirconia blocks dental with fast sinterning


Advantages of Zotion dental zirconia block


1.The zirconia block has been certified by SFDACE & ISO of the People's Republic of China.

2.Without any additive, yttrium stabilized zirconia purity as high as 99% above, more green, more safety.

3.The first domestic ivory color, more in line with the natural tooth dentin, enamel saturation, transparency.

4.After dry pressing and cold isostatic pressing double pressing process and product of three point bending strength performance is more outstanding, and uniform and stable.

5.Though proprietary technology mean to control grain size, make the product pervious to light performance is superior.

6.Special pre-burn treatment process, to ensure that the ceramic block of moderate hardness, easy cutting, no collapse porcelain.

7.Strict production process control procedures to ensure products stability, shrinkage, consistent.


Technical Parameter of dental zirconia block


Density before sintered


Density after sintered


Coefficient of thermal   expansion 


Chemical solubility after   sintered

<   100ug/cm2

Cytotoxicity test

0 level

Radioactivity   after sintered


Sintering   temperature

1480~1530, Recommend 1520

There are 3 systems of zirconia block can be customized.


Photo of dental zirconia block 

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