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Zirkonzahn Multilayer Preshaded Dental Material Zirconium

Zirkonzahn Multilayer Preshaded Dental Material Zirconium

Zotion new product--multilayer creates the new generation of multilayer zirconia in dental field! It’s a major change as the three direction gradient, color gradient, transmittance gradient ,strength gradient. matching color gradation of natural tooth from cervival to incisal. 57% translucency in incisal to 43% in cervical achieves life-like translucency of natural tooth enamel while in the mean time low translucency in cervical has effective opaque. Strength shows gradient from 600Mpa to 900 Mpa, achieving low strength in occlusion and causing no harm to opposing dentin. Therefore, it can be made into the best tooth combined with digital equipment & software, It's a real surprise.

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Zirkonzahn Multilayer preshaded dental material zirconium 

Zotion Multicolored zirconia:

multilayer 95mm.png

1) Compatible systems of ZOTION zirconia blocks:

Zirkonzahn cad/cam system .

2)ST Multi: not just preshaded, it shows natural shade transition of 6 levels in one block from incisal to cervical aftering sintering, very naturally blending to real teeth.

3) Main features:

Select the best raw materials

After dry pressed and cold isostatic: balanced pressure, better strength: better color: more translucent

More accurate scaling factor (the persistent and consistency of scaling factor between each batch)

The most translucent material, reach as high as 49%.

High bending strength,6 layers colors in one block, naturally gradient from cervical to insical.

4)Sizes of ZOTION dental zirconia:95*10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24mm

5)Chemicial components









Other   oxides


6)Type Introduction

1 (3) (1).jpg


Q: Does your blocks made by TOSOH powder?


A: Tosoh powder is mainly export to German and the United States, if sell to China, they sell higher price, as far as we know, no Chinese brand using all TOSOH powder imported from Japan, if you were told one Chinese brand is made by TOSOH powder, the price should be high for sure!

We are using Top quality powder in China, can delivery Higher Translucency than Tosoh powder.


please check Powder in Zotion VS Tosoh


Q: How can I get my order? how much should I pay for shipping fee and custom taxes?

 A: We delivery by DHL, TNT, EMS,Fedex UPS and etc, by air, supporting cheap shipping fee from these Express. We'll count shipping fee for you once you give us ORDER LIST, and will make a invoice for custom help you save same taxes, which is totally workable.


Q: How can I know my sintering furnace can sintering your zirconia?


A: You can sintering our zirconia if you have a furnace can firing to 1450 degree. We can send you professional suggestions to sintering our zirconia.


Q: We lack confidence with your product.


A: You can buy one sample to test quality, we can offer special price. We can also send you some feedbacks from other customersfor your reference.

Q: Do you have color liquid/colorants/dipping liquid for your zirconia blocks?


A: Yes we have our own brand color liquid for seperately series.16color and 26color for you choice

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