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Open CAD CAM Milling System Compatible Dental White Block ST

Open CAD CAM Milling System Compatible Dental White Block ST

White block ST Flexrual strength is about 1100mpa:coping thickness can be lowest 0.4mm;full contour thickness can be lowest 0.6mm;for posterior,the abutment(nature tooth) with good conditions,Continuous delection position can be most 3 crowns and the abutment(nature tooth) with good condition can be made cantilever bridge with 1 crown.

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Open CAD CAM Milling System Compatible Dental white Block ST

ST product is produced by triple directional dry pressing technology, mainly used for full contour crown and bridge, as one of most cost-effective products compared with competitors.Excellent translucency and flexural strength get the favour of domestic and foreign customers.This product with our self-developed color liquid can be made high standard aesthetic restorations for full contour crown and bridge.

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Chongqing Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.,Ltd. Specialized in CAM/CAM zirconia block materials:Five/Four axis milling machine for cutting zirconia block ,wax,pmma

Our management principle is “Offering the Excellent Service to Every Clients,Obtaining the Trust from Every Clients.”To contribution to the development of China dental industry.

Product Description

Our zirconia block/blanks are compatible with different brands of CAD/CAM system, such as Zirkonzahn system, , Amann Girrbach system, Wieland system, open cad/cam system, etc.

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 1.The product has high strength and good transparency which can be made into inner crown of zirconia teeth, veneer and bridge.

 2.The product has excellent permeability  which is suitable to be made into zirconia teeth and inner crown of front teeth.

 3.The product is made of pre-dyeing technology which can effectively improve the accuracy of crown color to solve the poor permeability of dyeing liquid on crown and bridge. It is suitable to be made into zirconia teeth and inner crown.

4. High strength and wear full dentures zirconium degrees close to natural teeth, not decorated porcelain. Teeth does not collapse, surable, cost-effective, the market is very big.


Carton can protect the Zirconia blocks damage from the delivery and rough handling.One carton just for one pcs blocks.Meanwhile,the soft plastic foam can make the zirconia edge can not broke.

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 Our mission is to provide you the comfort of purchasing all the dental supplies you need at the most attractive conditions, lowest prices and best service.Our goal is to provide you with excellent cadcam material at very reasonable cost.

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