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Ceramill Amann Girrbach System Dental Zirconia Blank

Ceramill Amann Girrbach System Dental Zirconia Blank

Our Zirconia blocks are dedicated to being used in the Dental laboratory field to make crowns or copings for final restoration in the aesthetic zone. It is a consumable required by open system CADCAM milling system machine. By itself it is pre-sintered zirconia blank.

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Ceramill Amann Girrbach system Dental zirconia Blank

The zirconia blocks are the finest and most pure zirconia materials on the market.

All of our zirconia disk are compatible the open cad cam milling machine.

We have two types zirconia blanks for choicing; The high strength and super high translucence block depend on the different productive technology to meet the various needs of our core customer. 

All of zirconia block and disk have passed the SFDA ,CE and ISO 13485 certificate.


The dental laboratory material zirconia block for Amann milling machine packing:

The Block Package:Zotion Logo Carton and Case or Natural Packing.

Our company also receive the OEM order from our customer.


The shipment date

The Shipment date:With 5 days


Dental laboratory material zirconia block for Amann milling machine technical parameter:

Parameters Zotion zir-blank 

Density   before Sintering

>3.15± 0.05 g/cm³

Density   before Sintering


Linear   expansion coefficient

(10.3 ±0.5)x10-6 k-t

Three   point bending strength




Chemical   solubility after sintering


Cyotoxicity   test

Cyotoxicity 0 level

Redioactivity   after sintering


Sintering   temperature

1480-1530,1520is recommend

Zotion zirconia Product
sinterning details information 


1.txx=-2.0, represents program executes from SP2
2.txx=-121.0,SPX can set second sintering chart ,set one by one.For example:

PV show SP6, press - -↑↓set required temperature;
Press SET key,PV show t-6, SV show the time when can reach next temperatureSet as previous steps...
Press SET key, PV show t-xx, press +↑↓set -121.O

3.How to start second sintering chart:
Turn on dental sintering furnace,press SET directly,program show  period 1,press t↑↓tochoose required program period(For example changing to 7,represents program executes fromSP7 temperature,because second sintering chart starts from SP7)

 After choose well,then press SET to confirm changed done .Keep pressing RUN 2 seconds,represents program executes from SP7 ,namely executes fromsecond sintering chart.

4. Can turn off at any time and Turn on sintering furnace to check and change program
5. Every time power on, before running,please confirm SV show 30.O and STOP alternately. Itrepresents the present program at stop status;Otherwise, dental sintering furnace will risetemperature directly after turning on. It because cut off power happenedly. not finish last timesintering process. 

Dental sintering furnace will rise to the temperature directly when cut offpower last time. It will short sintering bar life and make sintering program wrong. Solution is keeppressing↑(STOP) key 2 seconds to make SV show STOP.


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