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Denture Making Machine

Denture Making Machine

Denture making machine Dental sintering Furance HT-1211 Advantages: Zotion dental sintering furnace solves large temperaturefluctuations difficult problem which exists in common sintering furnace. Intelligent control system ensures controlling temperature accuracy. Control System applies LTDE...

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Denture making machine

Dental sintering Furance HT-1211


Zotion dental sintering furnace solves large temperaturefluctuations difficult problem which exists in common sintering furnace.
Intelligent control system ensures controlling temperature accuracy. Control System applies LTDE programmable intelligent instrument.It has more than 30 programs for rising temperature.

What’s more,it can adjust slope and PID.

Automatictemperature control system can control temperature accurately,can set holding time and stop automatically.






1. For safety, please make sure electricity grounding

2. Put dental sintering furnace in well-vintilated room, and without flammable and combustible

goods surrounding. 

3. Install a knife switch on electricity line for dental sintering furnace. Before power on, please check dental sintering furnace performance and whether has open circle or leakage of electricity.Dental sintering furnace HT1211 has no explosion-proof installation. Don’t put flammable and combustible goods to dry dental sintering furnace.

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