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Zotion Zirconia Block For Cad Cam Systems / Materials Of Non-metal Ceramics Teet

Zotion Zirconia Block For Cad Cam Systems / Materials Of Non-metal Ceramics Teet

Our zirconia blocks and disc with very good quality, use the best and most pure raw materials and strict control during production. We are testing the performance for every lot of material to ensure the level of quality to keep stable, This is our most transparent material. Aesthetic indicators are comparable to natural teeth.

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Zotion Zirconia Block for Cad Cam Systems / Materials of Non-metal Ceramics Teet

1.Indications for use

    Anterior full crowns (1-3 units), Posterior full crowns, Inlay, Onlay, Partial crown, Zirconia block is made from zirconia ceramic powder by cold isostatic pressing and machining. It is more homogeneous than uniaxial pressed with high strength, excellent biocompatibility and aesthetics. Labs and Clinics confidently create very strong and precise full-arch restorations.


Density after sintering g / cm3:> 6.02

Bending strength Mpa: /

Light transmittance: 49%

Radioactivity Bq · g-1: <0.1

Chemical solubility μg / cm³: <50 

Cytotoxicity: level 0

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4.Which size can we offer?


5.R&D Team



Our company has the certification of CFDA, ISO13485, CE and FDA and received the test report of the national authoritative testing organization.

We offer CADCAM Milling machine includes four/five aixs . Please contact us for more products details

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