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High Strength Milling Dental Zirconia Block

Milling dental zirconia block In market, there are 4 axis and 5axis cad cam milling machine for dental zirconia block.

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Milling dental zirconia block



Dental digital technology, also known as dental CAD / CAM technology, dental model is digital, with computer-aided design and auxiliary processing to replace the traditional manual operation. The concept of Zotion dental digital is that people of Zotion dental repair from a variety of traditional technology and develop the corresponding digital solution. Zotion develops new products and system solutions according to customer needs, providing reliable quality and best service, and reduce customer cost.




Denture restoration

All - ceramic dentures with zirconia ceramic blocks

Zotion dentistry zirconia ceramic adapt pieces of biological-grade powder, use modern CIP forming technology to produce high-quality equal to the porcelain blocks, the powder tested by the Peking University testing center and through the test.

Low radioactivity, no side effects on the human body, to ensure the use of safety.

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