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Dental Zirconia Ceramics Block

HT:1200-1350Mpa,41% translucency ST:900-1100Mpa,44% translucency Preshade zirconia code: HTC:1200-1350Mpa,41% translucency,A1,A2,A3 color for choice STC:900-1100Mpa,44% translucency,16colors for choice

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Dental zirconia ceramics block

zotion zirconia 1


Zotion sintered dental zirconia has whiteness and translucency that very much resembles a natural tooth. therefore, it is easy to achieve very aesthetic result in full contour zirconia restorations.

Zotion zirconia restoration is the solid restoration ,as there is no chemical bond between zirconia and ceramic, any porcelain on functional surface might delaminate in the course of time. This is especially true for posterior crowns and implant based restorations.

Sintered zirconia is a very dense and highly acid proof material which prevents the absorption and surface accumulation of pollutants (like plaque). monolithic zirconia restorations give a patient amazing “clean” sensation and greatly contribute to healthy tissues. The main objection to monolithic restorations comes from the perception that they are too abrasive for the opposing natural teeth. 

The zirconia we recommended:Zotion White zirconia from HT to ST

                                                      Zotion Preshade zirconia from HTC to STC

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