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Dental Block Milling Machine/zirconia Disc

We choose high quality zirconia powder. Isostatic pressed, ensures all parts have a homogenous density and shrinkage distribution. Discs have the edge groves required for a milling machine. More accurate scaling factor (the persistent and consistency of scaling factor between each bath) Reliable, controllable, reusable production process to make sure the same quality.

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Dental block milling machine/zirconia disc

 Feature :

No ‘black gum line’ that can occur with other crowns
Outstanding marginal fit
Less sensitive in the mouth
Superior strength
High fracture resistance
Frameworks available in 16 Vita shades
Suitable for full-arch bridge restorations

We have white block and 16color preshaded zirconia block for choose

White block including(HT,ST,SST);16color preshaded block including (STC,SSC);The following is detailed specifications:


Density   before sintered


Density   after sintered


Coefficient   of thermal expansion 


Three-point   bending strength




Chemical   solubility after sintered

< 100ug/cm2

Cytotoxicity   test

0 level

Radioactivity   after sintered


Sintering   temperature

1480~1530, Recommend 1520


Payment term

We have three payment channel for you choice

1. T/T

2. Western Union

3. Alibaba

Detailed pictures

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

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