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China Zirconia Ceramic Factory ZOTION

Zotion All shapes Dental Zirconia Blocks according to customer's requirement, Appled for different CAD/CAM System and Manual Processing (Zirkon Zahn System, Amann Girrbach System,Wieland system and etc. ) Our HT Dental Zirconia Blocks has bending strength1350 MPa;ST beding strength 1100Mpa;we always design our products let it suitable for the market.

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China Zirconia Ceramic factory ZOTION

We choose good zirconia powder

Isostatic pressed, ensures all parts have a homogenous density and shrinkage distribution.

Discs have the edge groves required for a milling machine.

More accurate scaling factor (the persistent and consistency of scaling factor between each batch).

Reliable, controllable, reusable production process to make sure the same quality.

Easy to cut, no porcelain breakage, less scraps.

Every disc has its barcode and scaling factor printed.

ZOTION have three system zirconia block for you choice:

Open system (98mm);Zirkonzahn system(95mm);Amann Girrbach system(AG71mm)

Our service:

1.Safe shipping:

1.Contact us by email or phone for further information include price.
2.When we make agreement about order,we will send you Proforma Invoice with our company stamp.
3.Then we will deliver products after getting your payment immediately! 
4.After you receive products ,order is finished.


2.Payment method:

1. T/T
2. Western Union
3. Alibaba


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