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Your Teeth Also Need Nutrition!

- Dec 29, 2017 -

When you swallow a lot of artificial vitamins to ensure the health of various organs of the body, consider your mouth, also need vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure oral health.


The teeth are not as dead as stones, but as living tissues. As with other parts of the body, your teeth also require nutrition and conservation. The mouth is your body health guardian, just brushing teeth or flossing teeth to clean is not enough.

Enamel dentin under the growth and self-healing ability, nutrient-rich teeth can make carious parts of the healing.


Mouth redness, mouth ulcers, tongue fur is too thick, lips, fever, gingival bleeding is the performance of oral malnutrition, mainly the lack of vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and so on.


Reduce sugar, increase the intake of minerals and vitamins and other essential nutrients can reduce the risk of dental caries, to maintain healthy gums, to avoid the breeding of harmful bacteria to prevent infection.


No need to buy a lot of nutrition, daily diet can provide sufficient nutrients to ensure oral health.

1, B vitamins


B vitamins: B2, B16, B12, niacin and folic acid, can be a good inhibition of oral cancer. Poultry, bananas and almonds can provide a richer B vitamins.


2, the vitamin A


Exist in carrots, cantaloupe, and green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and kale. Vitamin A can prevent dry mouth and tooth decay, to maintain the health of the surrounding oral and gingival cells.


3, vitamin C


Vitamin C can prevent gingival bleeding, loose teeth and oral cell damage, but also to promote the recovery of oral cavity. Strawberry, cantaloupe, mango, kiwi, papaya and other fruits contain a lot of vitamin C.


4, vitamin D


Milk, eggs and fish oil is the main source of vitamin D, enough vitamin D can firm teeth and jaw.

5, calcium


Calcium is the main constituent of bone. Milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon, sardines and green vegetables contain a lot of calcium. Calcium-rich teeth can be enamel self-repair.

6, zinc


Zinc has the effect of promoting the healing of herpes labialis and oral ulcers. It is found in seafood, pumpkin seeds, liver, eggs and lentils.


7, iron


Iron can enhance resistance. Edible fish, dark leafy vegetables and eggs contain large amounts of iron.


 8, potassium

Potassium is present in almost all foods, from fruits to vegetables, dairy products to beans, and is one of the most important components of human muscle tissue and nerve tissue.

Potassium can maintain the intracellular and extracellular fluid osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, maintaining neuromuscular excitability.

These are just a few of the essential and useful ways to increase your daily intake of antioxidants and minerals.

Eat the whole fruit or vegetables, we also intake a lot of plant fiber. Plant fiber has the role of clean mouth.

Choose a reasonable diet is not only beneficial to good health, while oral health also has great benefits. Taking good care of your teeth and gums will make your smile even more exciting.