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The principle of telescopic denture

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Telescopic denture in foreign countries have clinical application history for more than 40 years .refers to the removable denture of retention as the telescopic crown.  (that is, removable dentures).

The telescopic crown retainer consists of the inner crown and the outer crown. The inner crown is adhered to the abutment, and the outer crown and the movable denture are connected into a whole, and the retention force is generated by the Chimeric between the crown and the outer crown. When the telescopic denture is used to repair the missing teeth, the missing teeth and the abutment are connected to form a whole, which has good retentive force and can bear greater chewing pressure than the common removable dentures, and can produce higher chewing efficiency than the common removable dentures. Because telescopic denture has the effect of periodontal splint on periodontal disease, it can preserve the remaining teeth for a long time, so it is very suitable for the restoration of periodontal disease. And because the sleeve crown exposed metal rarely, and with a ring (commonly known as "hook") compared to mobile denture, the repair effect of telescopic denture can be natural and beautiful.

Therefore, telescopic denture is the dentures repair method which dentate patients are very happy to accept.

Telescopic denture is a very complex process of production of denture repair technology, there are only a few specialist dental medical institutions who can carry out the repair.