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How many way to restore your missing teeth?

- Dec 29, 2017 -

many people lose teeth because of accident、eating habits、and genetic , these have bothered many people. Specialists indicate that with the improve of modern medical technique, there are many ways to restore missed teeth. So how many way to restore?

Expert explain that missing teeth is one of the most common and frequent disease, the main performance is all kinds of teeth hartd tissue is broken and missing with different extent and all kinds of congenital malformations with different form. After teeth missing it is usually performed that the regular teeth size、shape、color and bite are abnormal and the broken of proximity relationship.

How to restore the missed teeth? How many ways?

First:fix restoration: the main is to rely on the support of nature teeth in the both side and one side of missed teeth gap, , With the crown cover and other retaining body adhesive to the denture on the patient can not pick their own wear, also known as fixed bridge. According to different materials can be divided into porcelain repair, all-ceramic repair, metal repair, resin repair and so on The advantage is small size, small foreign body sensation, no need to remove to wash, easy to restore the function of chew. 

Second: the activities repair: a restoration also known as removable partial denture, is the use of natural teeth and the base covered by the mucous membrane and bone tissue for support, by the denture retainer (usually ring) and the base retainer, the patient can take Wearing. Types include casting stents, elastic dentures and so on. The advantage is a wide range of repair, less cutting teeth and the price is cheaper.

Third: the plant repair: the surgical approach at the missing teeth, implanted the artificial tooth root in the jaw, installed the denture on the artificial root. This repair method has basically become the preferred method of dental restoration.