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CAD CAM System for dental ceramic zirconia blocks

- Mar 27, 2018 -

CAD CAM System for dental ceramic zirconia blocks

     In order to reduce processing difficulties and improve efficiency, most of the dental technicians choose pre-sintered soft zirconia.The volume of the material will shrink by 20% during the crystallization in the end. How to ensure the precision of the final product is the key of the dentistry technology application. It depends on the precision and the suitability of the material, technician and equipment, which is called system by the professionals.   

    The CAD cam denture processing system that is applied in the making of the zirconia includes high-accuracy 3D scanner, multi-axis milling machine(Computer Numerical Control), high temperature crystallization furnace and various types zirconia blocks. 

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                           Scanner                                                                  Mill machine



   It is not hard to imagine that the digital scanner laid the foundation of the high-precision since the making of the denture. The powerful software can automatic recognize and process the denture related data.When the computer locks the basic data that ensured the precision of the denture,those 3D images can be moved and revised freely,which offer chances to the dental technicians for the personal processing, and can satisfy the needs of the patients. When the design is finished, the milling machine turn the cubic zirconia blocks into crystal teeth. The multi-axis designing reduces the deviation to less than 15mm, which ensures the original form of the teeth precisely and avoid the the loss of precision and strength that was caused by the manual grinding after the milling to the largest extent.The ziconia material has been protected during the whole milling process and avoid the defect that even can be remedied by post-production . Sinistering and crystallization are the final process during the processing of the zirconia blocks. The precisely temperature controlled crystallization furnace ensure the shrinkage of the material is in conformity with the shrinkage factor.

       High accuracy processing equipment and procedure make the zirconia block denture is fitted evenly and closely to the natural teeth.The models that are showed by the manufacturers have the same quality of the denture in the patients’ mouth.Because the  processing equipment which is controlled by the computer will not varies from person to person.The gap which is less than 100um avoid the pigmentation and the invasion of the bacterial infection, which let us do not have to damage the gingiva in order to make our teeth look more beautiful in the exceptional cases .