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The key to the success of dentures- high quality zirconia material

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The key to the success of dentures- high quality zirconia material

 Of course, mo matter how precise machine we use,  the quality of zirconia material is the key  to the success of dentures. As same as other rising Industry,  there are a lot of people copied the design of zirconia.But what they made is not in conformity of the industry standard and the quality is not goog, even some of them counterfeited the CE certificate and the trademark of the well-known manufacturers . The faulty material flooded the market.The German Dental Ceramics Applied Research Working Group has done a series of measurement and showed that the average Mpa of these products are lower than the standard, and the granular texture, porosity and the size shrinkage after the sintering is faulty.No wonder the German Doctor Martin Groten reminded the consumers that even the zirconia showed fine quality, they should use famous brand zirconia material which has been tested.

   A great number of manufacturers have built their own raw material processing base, and take the charge of the zirconia material production. Each batch of zirconia products have been tested and examined carefully.The decimal point of the size shrinkage shall be quoted in two decimal places which showed the precision of the production which used the numerical control device.In order to meet the criterion and do the necessary test, the manufacturers have to pay huge money-which is normal in the industry.Therefore, the quality of the qualified products usually reflected by the price of them, and many of them are expensive.

  However, it is easy for patients to understand the value of their own overpaid amount of money from a health and aesthetic point of view. Including Cytotoxicity .Acute toxicity ,Genotoxicity ,Sensitization, Hemolysis etc of the complex process of biological experiments, Confirms that it’s one of the safest and healthiest dental materials, As we have seen, the highly tacit understanding of materials, equipment, and technology has given us a natural and esthetic experience for the final product, and health is another precious gift that zirconia has presented to us.

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