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Zotion Appeared Amazingly In FDI 2014 India (New Delhi)

- Dec 29, 2017 -

In September 2014, Zotion appeared amazingly in FDI 2014 India (New Delhi),attracted lots of dental professional workers from whole world. With the ending of FDI2014 India,Zotion is getting popular in International market. “Made in China,Made by Zotion ”goes into international market. Five years, One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five days, what does it mean for an enterprise? For zotion,it’s developing,fighting,harvest and thanksgiving time. Thanks that Zotion staff team never give up!Thanks that all the friends who support and help zotion in the past five years. In next five years,Zotion hope you are still together with us!

   FDI is a world dental independent institution, organization, a non-government organization. It was founded in Paris,France,150 years ago. FDI represents french Fédération Dentaire Internationale or English World Dental Federation. FDI is consist of dental associations from 134 countries and areas. It represents more than 900,000 dentist in whole world. FDI preserve the benefit of dental working members in the world through all kinds of ways.