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- Oct 27, 2018 -


When teeth have been damaged or lost, they are often restored or replaced with a bridge or a crown. These dental devices return the tooth’s original form, strength, and functionality.

A crown is a piece that restores or replaces the visible part of a tooth. When a tooth is missing, the tooth is often attached to a bridge that connects it to other teeth. New techniques also allow it to be attached to a dental implant. Sometimes, the damage to the tooth is severe but not enough to lose the tooth, for example, when a root canal is performed. In those cases, a crown is created in the shape of the part of the tooth that is missing in order to restore it.

A bridge is typically used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by attaching the crown or crowns to a prosthesis. The prosthesis is then attached to the two teeth (or implants) on each side of the missing tooth or teeth to provide stability and strength.

Bridges and crowns are created out of many materials. Developments in dental research have allowed laboratories to create bridges and crowns that look and function more like natural teeth.

Zirconia Crowns are the Better Alternative


Today there is no better alternative for dental replacements and restorations than Zirconia, a very strong and natural-looking material. Compared with other materials such as porcelain, Zirconia offers superior strength. Crowns and bridges made out of zirconia allow patients to chew and bite virtually any type of food.

Dental clinics specializing in dental care for international patients, believe that zirconia is the future of dental crowns: “Zirconia is quickly becoming the gold standard for dental crowns. There is simply no better alternative at the moment. It has appearance, strength, and resistance we’ve always valued for our patients.”

Zirconia is also long lasting. Once you get a Zirconia bridge or crown, you are likely to have it the rest of your life.  Zirconia also closely resembles the look of natural teeth since it is more transparent than porcelain. With a Zirconia crown or bridge, only you will know that you have a restoration or a replacement.