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Why the price of dental implants is relatively high?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Why the price of dental implants is relatively high? 

  A lot of patients who want to receive implants or have received implants believed that the dental implants are very expensive. So why the price is pretty high? The process that planting denture to the teeth has gong through four decade clinical practice, and the process has became a well-developed therapeutic practice to fix the problems of oral cavity.The reasons why the price is high are listed as follows:

1、The limitations of the material of denture is strict: the technique of the production of the dentures is complex and accurate.Up to now , the well-known plant system around the world has a variety of dentures and fittings, which can fulfil the needs of different restoration of the teeth. So the cost is high.

2、The medical practice requires high-tech equipment: X-ray machine, clinical treatment equipment, mechanic equipment and some unique and valuable restoration material in the production of dentures.

3、The process of planting the dentures is accomplished by well trained implant surgeons, plant restoration doctors and planting technicians. So the expenditure on the personnel is high.

4、The planting of dentures has a strict requirement on material, technology and medical staff.