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The legend of dental zirconia block

- Mar 23, 2018 -

The legend of dental zirconia block 

          In the development of people’s recognition of the function of dentures, the dental industry in China and around the world is changing rapidly. The dentures have developed from traditional plastic dentures into braces, metal porcelain,fixed-removable prostheses, planting and all-porcelain and other dental products and technologies. High technology are used in denture industry and it offer us the methods to the production of more artistic tooth. The application of cad cam milling ceramic zirconia blocks is the key product of them.blob.png

       In the 1930s, the dental technicians had attempted to use porcelain when they do the dental prosthesis. However, the flexural strength of the porcelain material is weak so that it can only be used in partial area. This situation has lasted for about one hundred years till the emergence of metal porcelain in the year of 1962.

       With the application of metal, the porcelain material has got more strength and we finally got the denture which has similar lustre of the natural teeth. However, with the development of technology and economy, the demand for more healthy and beautiful denture is increased and the faults of the metal porcelain have been found.First of all, in the edge of the porcelain which is thick, the colour of the metal can not be concealed so that reveal the unhealthy colour of the gingival. What is more, the separation of the metal has excited the human body. Thirdly, the metal material has no transparency and no clarity of the natural tooth.Therefore, we have turned our attention to the porcelain and hope to find a harder porcelain to replace the metal.    


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    D98(Roland system),D95(Zirkonzahn system).AG71(Amann Girrbach system)

Zirconia block specification:


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