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Why choice zirconia block makes teeth?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

1,The characteristics of zirconia block  

1),The colour of zirconia block is very similar to natural teeth, and it has highly aesthetic effect and excellent transparency, which makes it more suitable for the usage of aesthetically demanding parts.


2),When you use the zirconia block made teeth, there is no peculiar smell in oral cavity. It will not corrode endodontium nerve and excite the nerve because of thermal cycling. The zirconia block made teeth has good biocompatibility and can stand wear and tear. The zirconia block made teeth can stand high bite force, and will not be broken, so it durable.The zirconia block made teeth solves the problems of metal porcelain teeth: gingiva, black line stain and discolor.


3),When we do the nuclear magnetic resonanc, the non-metal zirconia block has no obstruction to X-ray, and the patient do not have to remove the denture, which avoid a lot of troub.


2.Restoration indication symptom

1)、Ceramic zirconia block teeth:

Cosmetic teeth, severe tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, deformed teeth, discolored teeth ,crown and unit bridge for the patients who are allergic to metal or plastic.

2)Full zirconia block:

Grind one's teeth in sleep; insufficient space for the base teeth

implants and the porcelain collapse.