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What is the oral cavity healthy standard?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

What is the oral cavity healthy standard?


In 1965, The World Health Organization said: “The dental health means that there is no organizational structure abnormality and functional abnormality among the teeth, periodontium, the parts that are close to the oral cavity, and the maxillofacial region.

In 1981, The world health organization's oral cavity health standards were "clean teeth, no decay, no pain, Gingiva color is normal, no bleeding."

The definition of the oral cavity is different, but the following three aspects are indispensable, This is to have good oral cavity hygiene, sound oral cavity function, and no oral cavity diseases.

How to check periodontitis by yourself

1If there is bloodstain on the toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth or you find bloodstain on the food that you are chewing, which means you may have gingivitis.

2When you look yourself in the mirror, if you find that the gum is red and swollen, and if you touch it , you find blood on it , which means you may have gingivitis.

3If you find you have a loose teeth, and the root of tooth is exposed and the gum is red ,swollen and runs with pus, which means you have the gingivitis.

      4If you have halitosis, which means you may have the gingivitis

      So, Having a healthy tooth becomes very important ,Bring you a confident smile:

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