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What is the ceramic crucible?

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Zirconia ceramic crucible purity of 99.9, a density of 6.00, the maximum temperature of 2200 degrees, mainly used in the melting of precious metals, good thermal stability. The main purpose is to melt metals. Zirconia ceramic crucible high temperature stability, is the ideal temperature refractory products.


Ceramic crucible Zirconium dioxide melting point higher than zirconium, up to 2700 , is one of the best fire-resistant materials in nature.It has poor thermal conductivity but high electrical conductivity and high corrosive resistance. It does not react with molten aluminum, iron, nickel, platinum and other metals, silicates and sour slag even when heated to more than 1900°C.It can therefore be used to make crucibles for melting precious metals, refractory tubes, pyrex and heat resistant enamels.The addition of zirconium dioxide to enamel and glass increases their resistance to acids and alkalis.


Zirconia lined with high-temperature furnace, the volume will not increase after heating a lot of temperature changes has little effect on it, the furnace will not be due to thermal expansion and contraction cracks, can greatly extend the life of the stove. Zirconia as a refractory material, adding 5% yttrium oxide as a stabilizer, its heat-resistant temperature 500 degrees higher than alumina, adiabatic ability than before adding three times.The incorporation of white zirconium dioxide ceramic can make the ceramic more white and bright, more heat, strength has also increased, the use of this ceramic high temperature insulation porcelain vase, strong insulation, small expansive coefficient.