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The Annual Meeting Of Dental Zirconia Block Manufacturer ChongQing Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.,Ltd.

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Time flies, the busy 2017 has passed in a twinkling.Full of expectation, 2018 is coming to us.
The annual meeting was held in January 31th in Chongqing head Office, all employees of Chongqing head Office, colleagues of each subsidiary, regional managers and company leader gather together.


First, the president of the company, Tan Guixiang, delivered the opening message. Then, the company leader presented the excellent team Award, excellent Management Award, Innovation Award, and encouraged the award-winning staff to guard against arrogance and impatience. New year, new role, new contributions


The glorious 2017 has passed, and the 2018, full of hope and challenge, has come quietly. We have survived from 2017, and in the face of 2018, we are full of hope.Let us roll up our sleeves and work hard to create a better tomorrow for zirconia block industry