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Zirconia Crowns Vs. Alternative Crowns

- Jan 17, 2019 -


Zirconia Crowns are a safe, durable option for patients who need to restore the strength and attractive appearance of their teeth. 

While Zirconia is an excellent option, patients in the past have also been satisfied with crowns made of:


Gold crowns overall are strong and long-lasting. Gold has good biocompatibility with the tissue and the opposing teeth. Gold crowns are visibly apparent within the mouth so patients that want to maintain the natural appearance of their teeth should consider an alternative material.


Porcelain crowns have a natural tooth color and exhibit a tooth-like translucency. Unfortunately, they do not have the durability of Zirconia crowns, and can eventually fracture. They are often recommended for the front teeth where aesthetics is important and strength isn’t as much a factor.