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Zotion Has Built New Production Lines

- Oct 11, 2018 -


Chongqing Zotion Dentistry Technology Co.Ltd is the leading company in the dental industry of China.This year,Zotion has bulit a better factory and invested 2 more production lines for the growth of overseas dental market.


the new production  line

The company continuously introduces foreign advanced production techniques and technology, and successively develops first-class and various equipments  in the industry. The main  products include multi-axis linkage and high-precision medical mold forming equipment, CAD/CAM software system, special instrumentation and industrial control equipment, etc,and product development solutions for customers. The company has established an efficient product development and production platform that integrates multi-party resources (universities, research institutes, and collaborative supporting manufacturers).

With the new production line, Zotion has the power to produce 20,000 pieces of zirconia block for 1 month.And the quality of the dental zirconia block has been improved dramatically.