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Zirconia versus All-Porcelain: what you should know?

- Oct 31, 2018 -


All-porcelain dentures provide a significant advantage over acrylic and PFM dentures in terms of aesthetics. This is largely due to the fact that like natural teeth, all-porcelain restorations can be made translucent, giving them a far more realistic appearance. In fact, all-porcelain restorations can be made to look virtually identical to a natural tooth.

However, the fundamental disadvantage of an all-porcelain restoration is its lack of durability. While all-porcelain restorations are commonly called “permanent,” the truth is that these restorations typically last less than 10 years, and only approach that lifespan when the user takes impeccable care of their denture. The porcelain used in dentistry applications is more susceptible to chips, cracks, and fractures than Zirconia.

In short, while  Zirconia can be made to exhibit the same delicate beauty as an all-porcelain restoration, it also possesses a rugged industrial-grade strength that allows it to provide function, comfort, and confidence long after an all-porcelain restoration has failed.