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Zirconia solution to Titanium Implant. Why Zirconia Implants are Better?

- Jun 07, 2018 -


If you are allergic or sensitive to metal or you do not want metal in your mouth. Bio-ceramic (zirconia) implants might be an option for you.

A dental implant refers to a replacement to a natural tooth that was lost for a reason. Dental implants are the common option for people who want to retain their oral health despite the loss of a tooth or teeth. Dental implants can either be made of metal or Zirconia. Dental implants are preferred by many patients since it is better than traditional bridgework. Dental implants do not require neighboring teeth to provide support.

Functions of Zirconia Dental Implants


Basically, dental implants are aimed to replacing a tooth or some teeth with the purpose of making them appear naturally. However, with metal dental implants, this may not be possible. This is why metal free implants have become a more popular choice for most dental patients.

Another function of dental implants is to provide support to a bridge while eliminating the need for removing a denture. With this, the patient feels more comfortable since dental implants such as metal free implants are permanent.

Good Things about Zirconia Implants

Zirconia implants are a product of the technological milestones in the field of dentistry. Zirconium-based or zirconia dental implants are known to offer a number of benefits to patients who need to have dental implants. One main benefit is that no allergic reactions can be expected when this kind of dental implant is used. In addition, there is almost no danger of corrosion which is often the problem with metal based dental implants. It also boasts of its extraordinary strength and durability that could last for a very long period of time. Metal free implants are also resistant to any kinds of acids that may interact with the mouth.