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- Dec 29, 2018 -


we design and mill all our zirconia frameworks onsite using specifically chosen Zirconia’s that we have tried and tested to fabricate high strength, highly translucent and  shaded frameworks designed to a reduced contour of the final restoration maximizing strength without compromise to final aesthetics that are then layered with a porcelain veneer to allow for optimum aesthetics of the final restoration. 

This type of crowns offers the clinician and patients with optimal restorations that exhibit high aesthetics, strength and biocompatibility. 

With our expertise and years of experience we can produce a crown or bridge that mimics the patient’s natural dentition including internal cracks, enamel effects and small subtle staining that allows a patient specific bespoke restoration to be created.

Advantages of Porcelain Bonded to Zirconia Restorations:

  • Highly Aesthetic Restorations

  • Can Be Used for Long Span Bridges up to 12 Units

  • Can Be a Combination of Full Anatomical and Porcelain Layered Restorations

  • Specific restorations can be easily made to match existing Teeth

  • Can be used in areas of minimal Occlusal space up to 0.5mm

  • Allows the natural tooth colour to optimize vitality in the restorations where required

  • Can be used to manufacture implant Screw Retained Crowns & Bridges