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Zirconia Implant Bridge

- Nov 27, 2018 -


Is tooth loss destroying your confidence? Are you afraid to share a smile with the ones you love? Are you avoiding social and professional situations, because you're ashamed of your teeth? 

Tooth loss may be an unavoidable part of your life, but it is not one that you have to live with. 

Zirconia dental restorations have been taking the world by storm over the last five years, providing life-changing dentistry for patients . We uses zirconia bridgework permanently attached to dental implants, combining strength, beauty, and durability to provide a dental restoration that beats any other available today.

Zirconia – the strongest and most aesthetically beautiful material for dental restorations

Conventional implant supported bridges are made from acrylic, which is prone to cracking, chipping and staining, severely compromising both the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. 

Zirconia is stronger than natural teeth and has a uniquely high resistance to fracture. It also has outstanding resistance to damage and discoloration, eliminating some of the key disadvantages of traditional dental bridges.

Choose the Best

Not only is the zirconia bridge exceptionally strong, but it is also the most aesthetically pleasing restoration available in modern dentistry. With exceptional density, a perfectly smooth finish and choice of a wide range of stains and glazes, patients who choose the zirconia bridge can be assured that their dental work will be functional and breathtakingly beautiful.