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Why do we recommend dental zirconia bridge?

- Oct 18, 2018 -


Today, many people choose to replace a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants. There are instances, however, when tooth replacement using conventional bridgework makes more sense. With this metal-free choice, the patients reap many rewards.


The level of dental care available was increased with the development of zirconia restorations like bridges and dental implants. This material offers significant advantages, such as the greater ability to preserve natural tooth structure in anchor teeth. To fit a fixed bridge, the outlying teeth must be modified to accommodate crowns. The typical choice is porcelain-fused-to-metal. Due to the extra layer of material, more tooth structure must be removed for a proper fit. Zirconia not only facilitates conservative restoration, but also eliminates the placement of metal in the mouth.

Benefits of zirconia restorations


There are several reasons why our patients choose zirconia restorations. In the absence of metal, zirconia achieves a far greater level of biocompatibility with oral tissues, virtually eliminating the risk of rejection or allergic response. What our patients especially love about zirconia restorations are their natural appearance. Customized to the precise size, shape, and color that suits the oral anatomy, a zirconia bridge will blend seamlessly into the smile aesthetic. Because zirconia is white, there is no dark line to appear where crowns meet the gums.


Beyond its natural appearance, zirconia is also advantageous for its innate durability. In fact, zirconia is one of the most durable of all non-metal restorative dental materials used today. Compared to metal-based bridges, the zirconia bridge is more resistant to damage such as fracture. The durability of this material lies in the fact that it is not likely to become brittle over time.


Losing a tooth, or even a few teeth, does not need to impact the smile. With a strong non-metal alternative such as the zirconia dental bridge, your smile can regain its beauty and functionality.