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Why choose Zirconia all-ceramic crowns and bridges?

- Dec 18, 2018 -

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Zirconia Bridge has become increasingly known as the ultimate dental restoration for patients who have experienced tooth loss. With unsurpassed durability, elasticity and aesthetic beauty, this implant-supported bridge is truly the optimal solution to missing teeth.

It is difficult to enjoy life to the fullest if you have gaps in your smile, or if you struggle with an ill-fitting dental appliance. 


Made of beautiful, durable Zirconia, the implant bridge is the most technologically advanced bridge restoration on the market today. There's no need to put up with missing teeth or a failing appliance that chips or stains. The bridge will give you permanent freedom to eat what you want and smile with complete confidence.

Zirconia is a ceramic material invented in Europe in 2003. Completely biocompatible with the human body, Zirconia is uniquely strong and durable. It is considered to be the most solid material used in dentistry today, yet has higher elasticity than acrylic or porcelain. Naturally luminous and white in color, Zirconia provides an ideal surface to paint and glaze, achieving a beautiful aesthetic for teeth restoration.

Zirconia Implant Bridge

The Zirconia Bridge is created to attach to dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium posts that the dentist surgically places in the patient’s jawbone. The implants fuse to the bone to become part of the permanent structure of the jaw. They function as roots for your dental restorations, securely holding them in place so they can’t move or slip.

Because of the elastic properties of Zirconia, the bridge offers superior stability when attached to dental implants. The bridge is unique in that the teeth and entire structure are created out of the zirconia, so there are no metal components. The white base is colored with special “colour liquids” to create a beautiful, natural look.The zirconia will not chip, crack or fracture, and also will not stain. The material is impermeable to fluids, so your bridge will not become discolored by dark liquids, nor will it absorb odors or bacteria. And, while porcelain and metal can sometimes abrade opposing teeth, your smooth, Zirconia bridge will not damage enamel.

Creating Your Bridge

The Implant Bridge is designed with computer-aided drafting and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, and then milled out of a solid block of zirconia. The dentist uses 3D technology to plan placement of your implants and to ensure a precise fit for the restoration. 

When your virtual appliance is ready, the computerized model is sent to a specialized lab, where your custom bridge will be fabricated by highly trained technicians.The unique process includes the creation of a temporary bridge, which is an exact copy made out of hard plastic worn by the patient for a short testing period. When the dentist and patient decide this replica has the right fit and aesthetics, the permanent bridge is created. 

The End Result

In our experience, patients love the Zirconia Bridge. The beautiful teeth restorations gleam with bright, natural-looking luster, and add structure to the face, filling out wrinkles around the mouth. The result is a more youthful appearance, along with the restored function of your smile!