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What is cad/ cam

- Dec 29, 2017 -



CAD-Computer Aided Design 

It indicates to help designer to design work with computer and graphic equipment. In design it usually need computer to calculate、analysis and compare different programs to decide the best; all kinds of design information, no matter digital、literal or graphic, can store in RAM or External memory and search fast; designer usually begin to design with sketch and turn the sketch into working map, all these can be done by computer; the design result coming from computer can make map fast and can be judged and modified by designer in time; it can edit、enlarge、narrow、translation、copy and rotate et- graphics related graphic digital processing work with computer.


CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAM, the core is computer numerical control(referred to NC),It is to apply computer into producing process or system. In 1952, Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed CNC milling machine at first. the characteristic of NC is that coding control machine tool through the procedure of Perforated paper tape. afterwardsdevelop into a series of NC machine tool, include function room called processing center ,which can change toolsautomatically from knife store and transform working position and finish milling、drill、hinge、tapping and many procedure . all of these are controlled and functioned through program instruction ,if want to change the processing , only change the program instruction. This process flexibility of CN called “flexible ”.

What is dental CAD/CAM

Dental CAD/CAM also called dental digital technology . it is digitizing dental mold and replace traditional handy operation with CAD/CAM. The concept of Zotion Dentistry CAD/CAM technology is that, we develop corresponding digital holistic solve program according to all kinds of traditional crafts in the dental restoration.We develop new products and systemic formula depending on the request of customers, and provide reliable quality and best service, at the same time save the cost of clients.