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What Are Zirconia Crowns?

- May 12, 2018 -


Cosmetic dentistry is a successful field, because who doesn't want a beautiful smile? When patients require a cap of their tooth, zirconia crowns are one option a dentist may recommend. Read on to learn more about zirconia, how it compares to a porcelain crown, and the advantages and disadvantages. If you do opt for this type of crown, how do you care for it and what are the costs as opposed to other types of treatment?

What Is a Zirconia Crown?


Zirconia is a metal classified as a member of the titanium family and is mined around the world. It is found in dinnerware and electrical fixtures among other products. It's known for its durability, making it an ideal product to use in dental crowns, especially posterior crowns that require a lot of strength for chewing and grinding food.

The metal has become popular as a crown material, since it is supplied to dental offices in the form of a block, which is then milled by a computerized cutting machine (CAD CAM) into the shape of a tooth. Then, once it is fitted, it is cemented in the patient's mouth. Since that whole process can be accomplished in one dental appointment, it has become widely used by dentists, since patients can have a crown shaped and cemented in much less time than the traditional porcelain crown, which may take a few weeks to manufacture, and requires a cementation visit in addition to the initial visit.