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The Benifits of Dental Zirconia Crowns

- Nov 13, 2018 -


Zirconia crowns and bridges are fast becoming the most popular choice amongst dentists today.  Zirconia is made from a form of crystal, it is an imperishable and extremely long lasting material which is why it’s perfect for creating crowns and bridges.

The zirconia structure is usually designed on a digitally with scans of the patient, impression, or model. The core is then milled from a block of zirconia in a soft pre-sintered state. Once milled, the zirconia is sintered where it reaches its full strength of 1200MPa. They are typically five times stronger than porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Aesthetically zirconia crowns are pleasing to the eye as not only do they look like a real tooth, they also have the ability to reflect light in the same way.  This is especially important to those patients who might require a crown positioned near the front of their mouth. They are more streamlined and less bulky than some porcelain veneers making them a common choice.