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Main factors affecting the final color of dental zirconia block

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Main factors affecting the final color of dental zirconia block

Zirconia is currently the most widely used all-ceramic restoration material in the dental market. Due to its high strength and aesthetic properties, it is also gaining popularity in the dental restoration market. A large number of studies on the mechanical properties and biosafety of dental crown bridges that are made of zirconia materials have confirmed that they can meet the requirements of dental restorations. Some studies related to its aesthetic color also confirmed that the zirconia that after the crystallization can simulate the color of natural teeth by adding metal oxide powder or solution dip.

However, in practical experience, there will still be cases that the zirconia denture has failed due to the color difference. The factors affecting the final color of the zirconia denture in the production process are discussed below:

1.Material differences

Different density of porcelain blocks: the density of ceramic blocks produced by different manufacturers is different. Even the density of ceramic blocks of different batches of the same manufacturer is different. The density of ceramic blocks of different densities varies with the permeability after sintering and the penetration depth and concentration of the dyeing liquids during the impregnation process, which ultimately affects the color of the restoration.

Different porcelain block additives: during the production of porcelain blocks, a small amount of other materials are added to ensure their processing and mechanical properties, and different material compositions can also affect the color of crystallized zirconia crowns.

2. Staining differences

At present, there are mainly two methods to color the zirconia. One is the per-shaded ceramic block. The stability of the color of the tooth produced by this method is high, but due to the different thickness of the ceramic block in different colors, a large amount of stock is needed. The stocking of porcelain pieces is not widely used for processing plants because of their cost and inventory.