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Esthetic Non-Metal Dental Zirconia Bridge

- Dec 04, 2018 -


Dental bridge with metal substructure limits the ability of the restoration to mimic the natural look of native teeth. We often see black line along the gum that sometimes inflamed red because the incompatibility of metal with gingival tissue. Introducing zirconia material which can be milled out of a block to replace the metal substructure and it has a variety tooth-colored shades to match the teeth that are being restored. Zirconia is just as tough and durable as metal and there is no need for an opaque layer to mask the metal and thus the result is more natural with no black line.

The featured case below:

Patient presents to us with two baby canine teeth that are mobile and request to have a solution to fix her mal-aligned lateral incisors, treatment option of two zirconia bridge 5-7 and 10-12 were presented and patient accepts the treatment plan.

Treatment involves with file both lateral incisors inward while being careful not to violate the pulp and took impression of upper and lower arch for fabrication of zirconia bridge. The impression is then poured up and scanned for zirconia substructure fabrication, then layers of porcelain added to zirconia substructure to finish complete upper arch