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- Jul 07, 2018 -


Fixed dental restorations include two classes of prosthetic constructions: dental crowns and dental bridges. Their main characteristic is they are permanently fixed on natural teeth, posts or dental implants and do not have to be removed for cleaning.

Dental crowns and dental bridges are closely linked. Basically, dental crowns are the building blocks of dental bridges. These crowns are permanently cemented on the abutment teeth to ensure proper support.

Over the years, many manufacturing materials have been suggested. They have constantly improved their qualities, leading to materials with excellent strength and aesthetics.

Mainly, the materials used for dental restorations must have two qualities :

  • strength and durability

  • aesthetics

Unfortunately, up to this moment, a material that has at the same time both these qualities has not been discovered. However, there is material that are very close to these goals :



  • Zirconium or zirconia is an extremely durable material that has a white color. Large dental restorations can be manufactured using zirconium, but because of its restricted range of shades, it cannot be used, alone, in areas where aesthetics is a very important factor.