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Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

- Aug 15, 2018 -


Some of the benefits of zirconia crown include:


Zirconium crown is really strong. It is capable of withstanding the bite pressure without getting cracked or fractured. Zirconium crown can perfectly replace both posterior and anterior teeth.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Zirconium crown possesses a relatively low thermal conductivity. As a result of this, the normal cold and hot sensations which are felt with various other crowns do not occur with zirconium crown.


Another incredible feature of the zirconia crown is its natural look. This incredible feature makes it quite hard to differentiate the zirconia crown from the rest of the teeth. Hardly will you be able to recognize it as a crown. It looks exactly like the real tooth. Zirconia crown blends in flawlessly when fit into your teeth formation. This helps to retain the beauty of the teeth.

Easy to fix and wear

Compared to other dental corrections and procedures that can take a really long time, zirconia crown does not. The zirconia crown procedure only takes a short time to fix. Asides from this, you may not need to remove the whole tooth. You only need to remove the damaged tooth, with the rest of the tooth retained. The zirconia crown is relatively easy to fix and wear.